This is a fun DIY for all us peeps that get all our relatives hand-me-downs regardless a brother or sister.

What you need? Simple.

One over-sized T-shirt, and scissors.

I suggest an over-sized Tee, because the alterations do in fact make it shrink. I know, magic right?

Start by cutting a line from the bottom of the shirt, cutting along the hem (or around the middle if there is no hem) all the way up to the armpit.

*I suggest doing one side at a time so the fabric doesn’t quite flop around as much. *

Now you have two (sorta) pieces of fabric. Proceed to slice across the fabric you just cut in the opposite direction, creating little notches. (You can see where I’m going here)
Choose as many or as little ‘tassles’ you’d like! I found that 12 and up was a good number.
Now tie em up!

You can see that the back of it is the same deal slightly altered.

Now if you like the slouch shoulder look, just measure two or three inches from the collar and cut an even line around the collar. The key is to cut evenly all around.

I hope you like it! Any questions just pop in my ask!

This affect has been very helpful as a younger sister, and being tight on cash but wanting a new look!

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